Florian Heinke

Die Nachtwache (The Night Vigil)


Acrylic on untreated canvas, 90 x 70cm

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Florian Heinke is a contemporary German artist. Born in Frankfurt am Main in 1981 and originally a highly active graffiti artist, Heinke underwent formal Fine Art education at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and Städelschule, Frankfurt. Heinke is represented in three countries and has exhibited globally. His work is housed in numerous prominent private collections.


Heinke is known for his distinctive monochromatic paintings where he paints with only one colour: black. Expertly using subtle shifts in tonality and application, Heinke makes as much use of the raw, unprimed canvas as he does the painted form. Light emanates from the untouched ground as figure, landscape and text are built from light and dark, positive and negative.


Heinke’s canvases investigate contemporary and modern politics; popular culture; celebrity; glamour; beauty and decay. He is known for aggressive statements and uncompromising subject matter that is underpinned by the poetic and contemplative. Heinke seduces the audience with adroitly sourced imagery and idiosyncratic slogans in English and German that immediately impact upon the viewer, but which also provide a gateway into a complex, ironic, individualist worldview.