John Stark

Day Watch


Oil on wood panel, 30 x 22cm

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John Stark was born in London, (1979). He studied at University of West England, Bristol  1998 -2001 and then graduated from Royal Academy Schools, London in 2004 . Stark is predominantly a painter and lives and works in the Scottish Borders.

Recent solo exhibitions include, DoLPo; 2016, Witchcraft and Warfare; 2014, Apiculture; 2011 at Charlie Smith London. Significant group exhibitions include; Kamminzimmer; Grieder Contemporary Zurich; 2007; 2009, Dawn Breakers; John Hansard Gallery; Southampton; 2010, Modern Witchcraft; ASC gallery; London; 2014, Gute Kunst, Wollen!; Nuremberg; Germany; 2015 and ‘From the Almighty to the Incarnate, Religious motifs from the SOR Rusche collection’; Berlin; 2016. Stark’s work can be found in private and public collections globally.