Sarah Jane Hender

Buster Keaton Sanatorium, 1932


Charcoal on paper, 21 x 15cm

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Sarah Jane is a multidisciplinary artist, storyteller, designer who has exhibited both nationally and internationally, completing her postgraduate studies from Chelsea School of Art in 2013.

Selected group exhibitions and Art interventions have included Drawing the end of the Line’ Le Dessin, Au Bout de la Ligne – Ecole Municpale de Desin, France , The Interpretations of Freud’s dreams- Freud Museum, London, Art intervention Series 1 Vyner Street, FT07  Surface gallery- Nottingham London,  Art intervention Series 2 Hoxton Square, London Marmite painting prize  Studio 1.1, A call to Arms at Galerie Braubach Five Frankfurt,  Corn exchange and Greenham  Painting Prize and Anthology Finalist 2013, Charlie Smith London. Solo exhibitions have included ‘Thought has no natural boundaries’, the Corn Exchange Newbury’, Florence Trust residency summer show and Chelsea school of Art show, respectively. Residencies have included the Florence Trust studio and exhibition award.    

Sarah Jane Hender is also founder of the DIY fashion, art intervention label/project The Devils Dust.